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Tips for a Great Romantic Meal

Looking to set the mood for that special someone? Well, Chef Jamika is to the rescue!

1. Do Your Research: Make sure you know the likes and dislikes of the person you are cooking for. Do some investigative work ahead of time and ask questions about favorite foods and wines. Make sure he or she does not have any food allergies.

2. Set the Scene: Presentation is always important, so really set the stage for your meal. Items such as candles, tablecloths, and matching place settings are a must. Many affordable settings can be purchase at various discount stores or borrow a set from someone else. Really get creative by layering various color fabrics or table runners for added color. Writing up a menu card for the table is a plus.

3. Keep it Simple: If you are not a professional chef, don’t try to become one overnight. Don’t take on the daunting task of preparing an eight course meal, especially if this is your first time cooking for someone else. Prepare dishes that you are comfortable with making or seek a good cookbook or online recipe for guidance.

4. Don’t Be Afraid to Ask for Help: Preparing a romantic meal can be stressful, so it is okay to ask for help. If a professional cater or chef is in your budget, then have at it. If not, secretly ask a friend or family member to help you cook. Just make sure whoever you ask will keep your secret.

5. Try Recreating a Memorable Moment: Every couple has a special moment and a meal they cherished together. Maybe it was a first date or a great meal served on your honeymoon. Try recreating that experience by preparing the exact same meal you had back then. This not only shows how important that time was, but that you remembered it as well. Your partner will recognize the effort and hopefully show their appreciation as dessert!


Chef Jamika currently resides in Atlanta, Ga. She prides her success on pairing her love for cooking and entertaining guests. When she is not in the kitchen, she enjoys spending time with her family and traveling with her husband sampling local cuisines for inspiration.

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